Friday, September 02, 2005

Recommending Blogway Baby again

I've linked to Blogway Baby before, and of course it sits permanently in our blog roll, but in case you don't immediately go subscribe to every little blog I mention I thought I'd remind you. In particular Blogway Baby has been fascinating as of late because the blogger, Suzy Conn, is the composer/lyricist for a new musical that was chosen and is being performed as part of the New York Musical Theatre Festival this month.

If you have ever wanted to walk through all the steps of putting together a new musical...hiring the director and other staff, holding auditions, seeing designs for the first time, Suzy is chronicling it all.

let me warn you, Suzy is enthusiastic, thrilled, upbeat, relentlessly amazed and pleased with her good fortune. If you want cynicism and bitching and moaning Suzy is not your girl.

And I like it that way.

So check it out.

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