Friday, September 16, 2005

Moonies out in the world: from blog correspondant Michael Austin

Michael is leaving Saturday, yes this Saturday, for a month-long trip to Florence, but still had time to tell me about some Moonies and what they're up to:

1. Michael himself is going to Florence for a month-long tour there with Shakespeare at Stinson’s Compleat Works of William Shakespeare, Abr.

2. Alexandra Kaprielian, she of many Moon productions (Cabaret Girl, Can-Can and Boys from Syracuse last season alone) is opening up in I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change at Palo Alto Players this Saturday, and is sure to sound and look brilliant and beautiful. If you haven't seen it, the show is a cute look at relationships from first dates to golden wedding anniversaries. You'll probably recognize yourself in there somewhere.

3. Last night Michael had the pleasure of seeing The River’s End at Marin Theatre Company (MTC), and here is his review:

"I highly recommend it. It’s a world premiere musical based on a true story, intertwining two possible explanations of what might’ve happened to a couple who disappeared without a trace on the Colorado River during their honeymoon in 1928. Odd subject for a musical, it might seem, but it’s quite compelling, with a very solid, suspenseful script, excellent, full characters and some soaring harmonies. The production is lavish—the whole stage is transformed into the grand canyon, complete with steamy waters and steep, craggy red walls—and the performances are excellent all around, especially from Moon alums Dani Marcus ("Roberta") and John Patrick ("Boys from Syracuse".)"

Marin is a looong haul for me, but I have read about this show already, and it does sound totally intriguing. I might have to settle for getting my ration of intrigue by seeing Moonie David Curley this Saturday in The Haunting of Winchester at San Jose Rep.

But after Michael's glowing review I'll have to give Marin another thought.

So much good theatre to choose from.

Just make sure you get your blog reader's sepcial tix for Red Hot & Blue!, by following the instructions found here, (and remember there are only a limited number of blog reader special tix per performance.)

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