Thursday, September 22, 2005

Intrepid Annette's first look at Red, Hot and Blue!

While tonight's first preview was just about sold-out, there was actually an audience last night too...the kids from the School of the arts. And our own intrepid Annette.

Here's Annette's 10-second recap:

"It's an awesome cast -- everyone is so entertaining. Some standouts: Kalon is SO funny, there were tears running down my face! Deirdre O'Neil is a Moon newbie and does a great job as "Peaches LaFleur". Steve Rhyne does great as the "tug-of-love object" of Deirdre and Klea. And there aren't enough words to say how fabulous Klea Blackhurst is!! We're so lucky to have her here for our season opener."

The very first review, which of course you read here first!

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