Wednesday, September 21, 2005

First Red Hot and Blue! preview tomorrow night

In case you were wondering, the 20% discount for Red Hot and Blue! does apply to Preview performances too. Why see a Preview? Well, first and foremost, some of us simply like to be the first on the block to see anything. We like sneak previews of movies and we like preview performances at the theatre. Some of us are even weird and like to see it once in previews and then again late in the run and see if we can spot what changed.

If economics is what motivates you, then you might want to note that even without the blog readers' discount preview performances are less expensive, only $20 pre-discount.

So, if you like sneak peeks, head to the Eureka tomorrow and Friday night for the first look anyone'll get at Red Hot and Blue!

And don't forget to pick up the phone and pick up your the 20% discount.

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