Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Excellent Chron review

I better get off my own butt and arrange my tix for Red Hot and Blue! I can assure you that once you get a lovely review in the San Francisco Chronicle (little man sitting up and clapping enthusiastically) ticket sales are directly and immediately impacted!

And that's exactly what Klea and the RHB crew have gotten this morning.

Key excerpt (among many):

"Klea Blackhurst hits a note, settles inside it and brightens it from within. Her voice has the broad, lively brassiness of the young Ethel Merman -- a quality she exploited well in her 2001 Merman tribute (and CD), "Everything the Traffic Will Allow" -- and she can modulate the tone to sound like brass dipped in honey. When she hits a high note, she not only sustains it but breathes new life and breadth into it along the way."

Sounds dreamy, no?

Considering this review, the fact that it's a Cole Porter show, and the fact that there was only limited availability of tickets with the 20% off blog reader's discount, consider this your regular reminder to take advantage of said discount...ASAP!

Wow, no mention of MICHAEL PATRICK GAFFNEY in either review? That's a crime. He was fantastic and offered up one of the more memorable performances in an all around great production.
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