Friday, September 30, 2005

Awesome Irving Berlin Event: Sing-along with Meg & Billy!!

OK, maybe you've done a Messiah sing-along. Maybe you've even gone to one of those Sondheim sing-alongs that are held every March in honor of his birthday. But tell me truly, have you ever gone to an Irving Berlin sing-along??

As you know, we're doing Miss Liberty coinciding with an exhibition and celebration of Irving Berlin at the San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum. (SFPALM

SFPALM is hosting this Berlin sing-along on Friday evening, October 14th at their facilities. Billy Philadelphia and Moonie stalwart Meg Mackay are the hosts for the evening. Space is limited so reservations are absolutely required.

Make your reservations (and get more details) here.

I think this sounds mega-cool.

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