Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Where have all the male actors gone? Two theatres in desperate need!

42nd St. Moon seems to have a rare problem these days: more talented male musical theatre actors than they know what to do with. Last year when seeking a show to replace Tenderloin on the schedule, part of the reason Minnie's Boys was chosen is because it has a ton of young male roles, and 42nd St. Moon had worked with a ton of talented young guys already that season.

But usually men are a much rarer commodity, and two theatres in the area are desperately seeking some. Both of these are community theatres down the Peninsula and both have short notice needs for more than one male actor. If you can think of anyone and can help them out, they're in dire straits:

Opportunity #1: Godspell at the Studio Theatre of California in Sunnyvale
A small theatre in Sunnyvale is producing Godspell this fall, but hasn't found a Jesus and Judas! Yeah, that could be a teensy problem. I'm actually a fan of Godspell's score; it's full of great music for both of these guys. They're holding special auditions this Saturday the 13th. Here's the info:
Saturday, August 13 at 2:00 p.m
Sunnyvale Congregational Church.
Performances are the first three full weekends in October.
For more information, go to and click on auditions. Or call Claire at 408-866-7870.

Opportunity #2: Elton John's Aida a the BusBarn Theatre in Los Altos
I've been to many productions at BusBarn because some of my friends love performing there and do so often. Three men have dropped out of the show in the last three days due to extenuating personal circumstances! They now need a Pharoah and an Amonoroso (older men) as well as a couple of male ensemble members.

The show would run from Sept 9-Oct1 in Los Altos.

Anyone who is interested should contact:
Barbara J. Cannon at 650-941-5070

As you can see, this show was already in rehearsal and a month from opening, so it's every director's nightmare.

Both of these theatres are fairly small and may actually have to cancel productions if they can't get the right actors, and for both theatres that would be potentially devastating.

I If you can help out, or know anyone you think would be interested, please pass this along and help save the day!

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