Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What Greg buys on Ebay

Greg found an actual press photo from RED HOT AND BLUE! -- on the back it's stamped "December 1936."

"It identifies Ethel Merman and Jimmy Durante, and shows, in pencil, the paper's crop markings. The picture is from the first scene in the play, where Merman, as Nails O'Reilly Duquesne (an ex-manicurist, now a rich widow), meets Durante, as Policy Pinkle, a con who is on the prison polo team (look closely at his outfit!) -- In our version, of course, it will be Klea Blackhurst and Kalon Thibodeaux."

I love the prison polo outfit!! And look how young and quite lovely Merman was. (Although the shoes are dreadful.)

The modern technology of Ebay and digital scanners...bringing us all a little closer to the golden era of Broadway musicals :)

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