Monday, August 15, 2005

OK, I could get into this

A musical version of The Princess Bride.

Yes, I know, I'm the one who laments the lack of original stories on Broadway (and in the movies too come to think of it), but The Princess Bride is about as likely a candidate for the Broadway Musical treatment as any other source material I can think of.

And the fact that they're retaining William Goldman, who not only wrote the screenplay for the movie, but the charming book upon which the movie was based, is a very good sign.

Adam Guettel is attached to be the composer, and I like that idea. I think The Princess Bride is a classic fairy tale, even if written in modern times, and as such would be much better served with a classic score, as opposed to a pop-infused Elton John or Marc Shaiman approach.

So bring it on.

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