Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Moonies out in the world: David Curley

David Curley, who will be with us a little later in the season, is currently reading the boards at San Jose Rep.

I haven't been to the Rep in a long long time, but this show, The Haunting of Winchester is going to get me in the door.

And you can see a picture of David's back in the photo in yesterday's Merc feature on the show:

Photo credit: Kimberly P. Mitchell - San Jose Mercury News

David plays the architect of the monstrosity.

So, since we're on the topic I gotta ask: they recently cut down the trees that lined Winchester Blvd. and blocked the view of the house from Winchester. I am sure they did it to lure more visitors in, but I feel like some of the mystique is missing now.

Who's with me?

The again I've only been there once in my decades of living in the San Jose area, so perhaps the folks tha run the HOuse don't really care what I think :)

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