Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Moonie in the World: Austin Ku

Austin Ku writes to tell us:

"I'm performing in "Much Ado About Nothing" with the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival (Shakespeare in the Park) this summer--and it's FREE!!!

In case you are not familiar with the show, it's a witty comedy about 2 couples and their love/hate relationships, throw in a lot of misunderstandings and scheming on the part of the half-brother villain. I play Balthasar, the messenger/minstrel--a supporting part who has a couple of scenes and also sings a couple of songs over the course of the play.

We're in Lake Merritt this weekend (Sat's and Sun's at 4 pm), and then in the SF Presidio all 4 weekends of September (Sat's at 7:30, Sun's at 2:30, special Labor Day performance at 2:30).

It's outdoors, so bring whatever food (and drink!) you like along with your lawn chairs/blankets and layers (in case it gets chilly--esp. the Sat. evenings in SF); have a nice picnic dinner and booze it up while watching a show!

Booze it up? Moi? Well, actually no, because I developed an allergy to alcohol about 4 years ago...terrible right? Thank God for good theatre to ease the pain!

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