Sunday, August 28, 2005

Isn't this sort of like "Edwin Drood"?

Interesting "reality theatre" project going on in NY.

An audience pays $15 to watch actors deliver audition monologues. And then votes on who they want to see perform cold readings in the second act.

But the thing is, each of the actors know the night they're "auditioning", the only question is whether they'll have a minor or major role. So, not sure the urgency really is the same.

And I'm assuming they're getting paid some kind of fee for this...and I sure as hell never got paid to audition when I lived in NY!

It more reminds me of The Mystery of Edwin Drood than reality TV. The audience got to vote on the ending and that determined who got to sing a big song in the end.

One of my theatre friends, though, thinks this sounds like the coolest.

Am I missing the charm here?

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