Thursday, August 04, 2005

Have a great theatre story?

From the San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum Newsletter:

"Library researcher Brad Schreiber is an author, screenwriter, literary consultant and playwright living in Los Angeles. He has recently begun writing a book about things going terribly wrong during performances in the live theatre. It's called Stop the Show! A History of Absurd Incidents and Insane Accidents in the Theatre and it will be published next year by Thunder's Mouth Press. The book will be a collection of stories and anecdotes of actual mishaps, both tragic and comedic, that have taken place in the theatre in the past 100 years.

Brad needs your help. If you have a funny or tragic story to tell about an experience in the theatre, Brad would like to hear from you. Stories can be about the lowliest amateur production to Broadway and the West End. Standup comedy. Performance art. Personal anecdote or one gleaned from publication or a story told. United States or the UK, any time in the last 100 years or so. Onstage, backstage, in the audience, in the lobby, in the flies above the stage.

You can share your stories with Brad by e-mailing him at Brad promises that all contributors will be acknowledged, either in the body of the story, if the person is involved, or on an acknowledgments page, if the person is relating a story secondhand.

Now, just imagine if blogs had been around for the last 100 years, and theatre had them like 42nd St. Moon does. How much easier would Brad's research be?

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