Monday, August 08, 2005

Guest reviewer tackles "Oh My Godmother"

A few months ago I discovered why 42nd St. Moon's intrepid administrator Annette is always so good about feeding me newsy items and tidbits of interesting info for the blog: she has a journalistic background.

And now she is turning that interest over to being a theatre critic, and has sent me her personal review of Oh My Godmother, the show written by Moonie Ron Lytle, and a cabaret debut performance by another Moonie, Russ Lorenson.

Take it away Annette:

"If you haven't yet made it over to Alameda to see Ron Lytle's new musical, "Oh My Godmother!" - RUN and go
next weekend (next weekend is the last weekend it's playing at the Altarena)... today's performance was sold out.

And it's quite the star turn for Charlie Levy, our wandering minstrel from ONCE UPON A MATTRESS, in his role as "Cinder-Albert." :-)

Visit for more info.

I also went to see Russ Lorenson (soon to be in RED HOT & BLUE) sing at the Cafe Majestic - and he did great, too!

Annette seems to be constantly on the go. I, on the other hand, haven't seen any theatre in a little while, although I am going to see Foothill's production of Brigadoon this Friday night.

So thanks for taking up the local theatre review slack, Annette!

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