Thursday, August 18, 2005

Big, I mean BIG Casting News!

Greg is on vacation, and yet he never stops thinking of you, our loyal blog readers.

This just in from Intrepid Annette:

"Greg called all the way from a location mystérieux to say that the role of The Countess in MISS LIBERTY will be portrayed by...(imagine the drum roll please...Kathryn Crosby!

Mrs. Crosby was last seen on a 42nd Street Moon stage in ROBERTA and we look forward to welcoming her back this fall. Mrs. Crosby of course is the mother of Mary Frances Crosby, the woman who went down in TV infamy as the woman who shot J.R. on Dallas.

She was also married to Bing.

But let me just say that I saw her on Broadway in State Fair not so very long ago, and she was lovely.

Some good blog scoop for the day!

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