Tuesday, July 12, 2005

There's a new blog in town...well, actually a couple

Local traditional media outlets are getting into the bloggy act.

Let's start with my local newspaper, the San Jose Mercury. Former Merc reporter Dan Gillmor is a blogging pioneer, and they've had a few other reporters who started blogs, but recently they amped up the effort on their Arts & Entertainment blog, A&E Interactive. And they're trying to involve the community, soliciting submissions for both Blog of the Week items and for a blog roll.

This week they added this very blog, the 42nd St. Moon blog to their blog roll, as you can see here.

Thanks Merc!

KRON-TV is also getting into the bloggy spirit at their blog, The Bay Area is Talking. I'll have to get us on their blog roll too. :)

Send me your RSS feed and I will get you added.

Thanks for the mention

Brian Shields
The Bay Area is Talking (dot com)
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