Sunday, July 24, 2005

The Musical! !!!!

Funny little piece in today's NY Times about appending the words, "The Musical!" after Broadway musical titles.

They accuse Grand Hotel: The Musical in 1989 of being the first to do this.

Coincidentally, it's also 1989 that spawned the movie, The Tall Guy.

If you haven't seen it, it stars Jeff Goldblum as an actor in London who lands the title role in a new musical, Elephant!. Elephant! being the musicalized version of, you guessed it, the play, The Elephant Man.

Ever since seeing the movie, It's been a running joke for me to figure out what one word with exclamation point title could be given to new plays or books:

Journey! (musical version of Long Day's Journey Into Night)
Willy! (musical version of Death of a Salesman)

And so on, in ever declining taste.

Give it your best shot in the Comment, people!

How about

Hunch! (that was from Bullets Over Broadway, I believe, with exclamation point implied...)
Les Miz! (an upbeat version with a happier ending)
I love Hannibal!

Also, Moonie Michael Austin emailed me with:

"I recall from my honors thesis research that there was once a musical version of John Synge’s Irish comedic drama “The Playboy of the Western World,” titled simply after its main character; “Christy!” Seriously, what is with the exclamation point?"

Personally I think Michael just wanted us to know he's more than just a pretty face with that thesis plug!
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