Sunday, July 24, 2005

More audition advice

There aren't a whole lot of theatre bloggers out there, but one I read faithfully is Blogway Baby.

Suzy is not just a blogger, but a composer/lricist whose paean to air travel in the 60s, Plane Crazy: The Musical is one of the very few submissions selected for performance at this year's New York Musical Theatre Festival.

I'm probably going to New York in OCtober, not September, which means I won't get the chance to see it :(

Anyway, she's been holding auditions in New York for the NYMTF production and has a post with one part advice and one part inside look at how people feel on that side of the table.

I commented because she has one piece of advice that I typically choose not to follow:

" can't help but be impressed by actors who...[snip-list of other things]... have memorized their sides..."

Check out her list, and my comment and tell me what you think. "Memorize"? or, as I advocate, know it really reall well, but go up there with it in your hand no matter what.

Let me qualify "memorize" - I don't mind actors holding scripts at all, as long as they are familiar enough with the passage to give it a "read" and not just "read it"!
Oh yes, totally agreed.

Especially because, let's face it, not everyone has great reading skills, but it doesn't mean they're not good actors. They really shoot themselves in the foot if they don't know it really really well.
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