Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Moonies out in the world: "Simply Sondheim" is back on

If you recall, we talked about this Sondheim tribute a while back and then reported that it had been postponed. Well, it is on, baby! And I've got the deets and some background from the show's producer.

First, the deets:
“Simply Sondheim” – A 75th Birthday Salute, Northern California’s only 2005 tribute to composer/lyricist Stephen Sondheim
Monday, December 5, 2005
7:30 P.M
Kanbar Hall at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
Benefitting Theatre Bay Area’s “Mary Mason Lemonade Fund”

Amy Dondy
Kelly Ground
Scrumbly Koldewyn
Stephanie Rhoads

James Brewer
Cindy Goldfield
Hannah Rose Kornfeld
Tom Orr
Steve Rhyne

Peter Stein and Lauren Mayer, whose Sondheim parodies have delighted the man himself, will also appear.

Richard Ryan will direct, with musical direction by David Dobrusky of 42nd Street Moon.

Now, what sets Simply Sondheim apart? James Brewer is happy to fill us in:

"What makes "Simply Sondheim" - A 75th Birthday Salute somewhat different from and, to my way of thinking, more interesting than most of this year's tributes are a few things.

-Firstly, this performance is not a "cavalcade" of umpteen different performers being trotted out to do one or two numbers and brought back two hours later for a curtain call. Therefore, the show will have a cohesive shape, thrust and point of view. A distinct lack of that has been one of the criticisms of some of the other tributes this year.

-Secondly, this is about and in service of Mr. Sondheim's music, hence the title. We have been fortunate enough to get some "unsung" or "trunk" songs from the man himself, making this event even more exciting for both Sondheim fanatics and novices alike. His involvement has been very extraordinary. Also, having re-examined hundreds of his songs, we have once again recognized their timelessness as regards the human condition, especially in light of the socio-political state of the world today (Sorry to wax a little grand. The show will be also be very funny and entertaining).

Well, as one of the above-mentioned Sondheim fanatics I'd have to say that piques my interest! I had no idea the "man himself" had been so closely involved.

Jim did not provide a web site to review for further info, so I guess if you want more info you'll have to spam him!

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