Friday, July 08, 2005

Let San Francisco Hear You

Managing Director Lauren Hewitt pointed me toward this very encouraging activity coming out of San Francisco's City Hall:

Mayor Gavin Newsom (who is occasionally my hero) has augmented the San Francisco Arts Commission with a new Arts Task Force.

Their goal is to champion the Arts in San Francisco, and they have issued a survey to collect feedback not only from those who create and deliver art to the City, but those who are patrons of the art (that would mean you, 42nd St. Moon followers!)

As a blogger, where public conversation and feedback is part of the deal, of course I like this approach, and I took their survey.

You can find it here. [User=arts; Password=survey]

It's only seven questions, and what I like is that the questions are multiple choice; no True/False...just open boxes for you to fill in as you see fit (or leave blank.)

The Task Force explains the survey thusly [excerpted]:

"Members of the Task Force have approached Arts Forum for assistance in gathering input from artists, arts administrators and members of the public who care that the arts in San Francisco thrive.

Arts Forum SF is an inclusive forum for sharing ideas and resources, grappling with difficult issues, and imagining and implementing solutions that will result in sustainable and forward-thinking arts programming, partnerships and policies.

It is critical that we understand, value, and utilize the vital role that artists and arts organizations of all types play in public policy making and involving the general populous in community-based social, political, and cultural dialogue and action. Our goals include:

-To unite, organize, and mobilize the San Francisco arts community.
-To create a space for the diverse array of San Francisco artists and arts organizations to come together to grapple with difficult issues and ideas in order to build a stronger and more sustainable future.
-To create long-term partnerships between the arts community and public policy leaders that will result in innovative arts programming and policy.

Information on upcoming Arts Forum meetings and past discussions can be found here.

To learn more about the Arts Task Force.

The deadline for filling out the survey is July 12th, and the results will be presented at two public meetings: an Arts Task Force meeting on July 20 4pm-7pm at The Thick House 1695 18th Street in Potrero Hill and also at the next Arts Forum meeting July 30th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Herbst Theatre, 401 Van Ness Avenue.

You can be cynical or you can get involved and give them a chance to at least earn your cynicism! Taking a 7-question survey on how you would support the arts seems like a pretty painless way to get started.

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