Friday, July 01, 2005

CORRECTION: San Francisco kills another musical

First Lennon, now the Mambo Kings.

When we don't like something, we clearly have influence!

Oh yeah, other cities tried to kill Christina Applegate's Sweet Charity, but they didn't have what it takes.

It took both Chicago and DC to kill Sondheim's Bounce.

But we, all on our own, have killed a few Broadway-bound musicals in our time.

Didn't see it. Can't comment on whether it's deserved or not. Esai Morales is yummy and Justine Machado is very talented. I guess that just wasn't enough.

Anyone out there see it?

Agree? Disagree?
CORRECTION: As Russ points out in the comments, reports of Lennon's death (like mine) are high exaggerated. Lennon is, as it happens, still making it to Broadway, in fact starting previews this week. So now I'm wracking my brain because I just know there was another Broadway-bound musical that never made it past San Francisco in the last couple of years, and I just can't think of what I was thinking of.

That would have been a great scoop indeed, but no, I was just wrong.

Hi Elisa,

We saw "The Mambo Kings" as part of one of TBA's ticket giveaways for press night. My thoughts:

First, the positive: It was a gorgeous show, design-wise...beautiful costumes, fantastic set. Truly captured the essence of the 50's Latin club scene in it's look. Christiane Noll, the actress who played the "cigarette girl with a heart" was really fantastic. She had an 11 o'clock number that brought the house down. The dancing was amazing!! Since I'm a bit terpsichordially challenged myself, I really appreciate great dancing, and it was absolutely top-notch!

The negative - it was wayyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooooo loooooooooong - nearly three hours! There were about 4 characters too many, and too many songs that didn't do anything to move the plot along. It seemed that the audiences' favorite moment (and would have been Greg's as well, I suspect) was a neat video trick where they mocked up an episode of "I Love Lucy" and inserted Esai Morales and Jamie Camil (the actor playing his brother) into the video. It was great seeing Lucy up there on the big screen! The other thing that bugged me (as a singer) is that Jamie Camil was cast as the brother who was supposed to be this great singer - and he didn't sing very well at all in my opinion. Also, the other glaring thing for me was that Christiane Noll was wasted - other than her big number, they just didn't give her enough to do, which is why I think her number was such a hit.

I didn't see "Lennon", but several of our "Minnie's Boys" cast members did, so maybe one of them will answer. But one note - I just checked the Playbill website, Telecharge, and the official show website, and none of them indicate that "Lennon" is not going to play on fact, they all say that previews start this week, with an August 4th opening...have you delivered another of your famous scoops???
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