Friday, June 24, 2005

A nice little unsolicited plug for 42nd St. Moon

There's a new blog in town, one that covers the world around the San Francisco Civic that's focusing on a beat!

Michael Strickland is the blogger, and he is a regular reader of (and sometime commenter on) this blog.

He went and saw a performance I had actually been considering seeing myself, the double bill of Of Thee I Sing and Let 'em Eat Cake at the SF Symphony.

One of the stars was Marin Mazzie, and I am the world's laziest stalker and do like to go see her when she is my neck of the woods. But time escaped me, as it so often does.

Michael actually wasn't too fond of the show, and one of his complaints was that most Broadway theatres are quite petite compared to the Symphony House, and it just didn't work with a 100-person chorus and all the large-scale required to put the show into that space.

Michael would much rather, it turns out, see 42nd St. Moon tackle these shows!

Check out his post, accompanied by several pretty pictures.

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