Thursday, June 23, 2005

More scoop

Greg appreciated my disappointment at being scooped by Russ, so he gave me some scoop of my own:

First of all, Russ didn't reveal his role, so I will. He’s playing a flamboyant decorator named Reynaldo Descanso, who has a very funny scene where he is hired to re-do Pinkle’s jail cell.

Scoop #2: Pinkle is the Jimmy Durante role, and it's being played for us by Kalon Thibodeaux, who was Harpo in Minnie's Boys and one of the Dromios in Syracuse.

Scoop #3: More casting for Red, Hot & Blue: Deidre O’Neil, who played Marty in the last Broadway revival of Grease, is playing Peaches LaFleur, an ex-con who is currently working as a maid for Nails O’Reilly Duquesne (Klea Blackhurst in the Merman role). Peaches has a "thing" for Nails’ lawyer, Bob Hale (Steve Rhyne in the Bob Hope role). Also: Michael Patrick Gaffney is playing "Fingers," another ex-con who is hired as Mrs. Duquesne’s butler. He has an affair with New York’s most "perennial" debutante, Miss Vivian Schuyler (still uncast.)

And Big Scoop #4: Craig Jessup will be doing double-duty for us, playing newspaper publisher James Gordon Bennett in Miss Liberty and then moving on to the star role of "Sir" in Roar of the Greasepaint.

Ha! Hand is once again mine! (as in "upper" in that Seinfeld episode? Anyone still with me?)

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