Friday, June 17, 2005

Innovative version of Sweeney Todd returns to Broadway

Cross-posted from the Foothill Music Theatre blog (since we were talking about Moonies singing Sondheim and all.)

BlogwayBaby alerts me to the return of Sweeney Todd to the Broadway stage, this time in the acclaimed London version that featured a cast of nine who played all the instruments themselves!

I know folks who saw this production in London and loved it.

Of course the Broadway version has a couple of Broadway stars at the helm: Patti LuPone as Mrs. Lovett and Michael Cerveris as Sweeney. Having seen them both in Passion on TV recently I can say that LuPone as Lovett should be fantastic...she is still a powerhouse. I'm having a teensy bit of trouble seeing Cerveris as Sweeney myself. That may be because the only time I've seen him live on stage he was playing Tommy in Tommy 12 years ago.

I wonder if the Lovett & Sweeney actually played instruments in the London version?

And if so, I wonder if LuPone and Cerveris will...or if the remaining 7 cast members will be carrying even more of the orchestral load!

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