Sunday, April 10, 2005

Who's Who in Syracuse

Alexandra also gave me the run-down on the Syracuse cast, including their entire 42nd St. Moon historical context!

"Tielle Baker, who I believe is new to the company, is playing our lovely ingenue Luciana. Kathleen (Katie) Dederian whom you might have seen recently in Hooray For What is playing Luce. William Giammona is playing our Antipholus of Ephesus. Ron Lytle, playing Dromio of Ephesus, was last seen Once Upon A Matress. John Patrick Moore, playing Antipholus of Syracuse, was last seen in By Jupiter, while Kalon Thibodeaux, playing Dromio of Syracuse, is also in Minnie's Boys as we speak playing Harpo (talk about a full schedule!) Stephanie Rhoads, playing Adriana, is of course also our Moon Artistic Director along with Greg. Brandy Collazo and Nancy Dobbs Owen who are playing our Ladies of the Evening along with Kristen Sharpley. Brandy and Nancy were both in Can Can with me and Brandy also took part in Mattress with Ron. Mike Figueira is playing our Aegeon (the Father of the two Antipholus twins), and Austin Ku, Angelo the Tailor, was last seen in Oh Captain along with Tim Kuster who is playing The Duke of Ephesus and also was in Mattress. Last, but not least, Anil Margsahayam plays our Wizard and can also be seen as Chico in Minnie's Boys with Kalon."

Phew! Thanks for doing that hard work for me, Alexandra!


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