Monday, April 18, 2005

One Last Great Minnie's Boys Review

Couldn't let this review go unposted, even though Minnie's Boys is closed.

It's from

Darlene not "jewish" enough? Yikes.

I thought that part of what made the production so good was that it was underplayed, and that included the Jewish schtick. It was already there in the script and much of the music, so it was a treat that everything wasn't underlined by broad performances.

Really good job, everyone, and you worked off each other beautifully.
I know, huh?

Actually, the story I heard (probably from Greg) is that Groucho didn't want Totie Fields because he thought she's play too stereotypical, and apparently Minnie wasn't like that. Then they hired Shelley Winters and she went waaaay overboard on the stereotypical portrayal...pissing Groucho off.
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