Thursday, April 07, 2005

More on the little details

Since the Marx Brothers started out in vaudeville you get glimpses of vaudeville acts throughout, including one 30-second peek at a "oriental duo." I confess I thought I was about to witness one of those extremely politically incorrect moments you occasionally find in old musicals. But whether it's really that short a moment in the original show, or whether Greg wisely curtailed it, it literally ends up being about Amy and Christa wearing the typical Chinese hats for about 30 seconds. And for those 30 seconds Christa has been suffering some anxiety:

"I am proud to say that you came on the day my own personal costume piece nightmare seems to have ended - the china hats that Amy and I wear for all of 30 seconds, would NOT stay on my head!!!  It was a hit or miss situation. I think there were 2 nights that it acually stayed, and I honestly thought I had gotten used to using it. Then, on openning night - it fell off - the simplest things can drive you crazy sometimes - and that prop has been my nemesis for the last week and then some. So, was Sunday just a lucky day, or did Amy (as our wonderful costume mistess) really help me to end my worries? Only time will tell."

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