Monday, April 11, 2005

More from the Minnie's Boys Talkback

Here are some additional interesting tidbits from the talkback:

- There was literally only one copy of the Minnie's Boys score at publisher Samuel French. They didn't want to send that single copy to 42nd St. Moon, in case it got lost in the mail. So the we had to wait for them to make a copy of the score before they could send it!

- Zeppo was called Zippo at first, but that was already the name of a performing chimpanzee, so they changed it. Also, Zeppo was also apparently the "funniest" brother, but he was also the youngest, so when they started out it was Groucho that got to be the real comedian, and Zeppo had to play the straight man. While they were still doing stage shows Groucho got sick, and Zeppo stepped into Groucho's roles...and outshined him! Groucho got better really, really fast! Zeppo only did the first 4 or 5 movies, then he left..probably sick of playing it straight.

- The Marx Brothers released their first movie, "The Coconuts", in 1929, the first year there were talkies, and it also ended up being the year Minnie died. So she really did just see them get started down the road of massive fame, but didn't get to see how the story ended.

There's always more to the story. Where else will you learn it?!

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