Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Moonies around town

For those of you who are wondering, yes I sometimes put up info on other theatre/performance events going on around town.

The common thread, usually, is that the performance features someone who has been involved with 42nd St. Moon at some point. But then there are the times when Broadway icons like Ellen Greene or Marin Mazzie come to town...and I can't resist letting you know about that.

So, here are a few local upcoming performances you might like to know about, this time all have direct 42nd St. Moon connections:

Last year's gala featured some terrific local and non-local singers. Two of our 2004 gala performers have gigs coming up at the Plush Room:

Natalie Douglas will be there May 3rd-7th only. Debbie DeCoudreaux will be there May 10-14th. You can buy tickets for either one at TicketWeb.

Next on the list is something completely different from a sophisticated, elegant evening taking in cabaret at the Plush Room. It's Zombie Prom! at the Palo Alto Players, running April 30th through May 15th. It stars Our Mattress Minstrel, Charlie Levy, as the Radioactive Zombie himself! Charlie was also in Hooray For What? last fall, so in a very short time he seemed like a Moonie regular.

Now, you have to admit that the line-up above provides a little something for everyone. Jazz, cabaret, zombies.

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