Friday, April 01, 2005

Meet the Moonie: Brian Yates Sharber

Brian is playing dual roles in Minnie's Boys, both characters quite instrumental in furthering the careers of the Marx Brothers.

Brian had this to share...and I warn you, if you are looking for tortured artist angst, you are barking up the wrong tree with Brian:

"First of all I am compelled to say out loud that 42nd St. Moon is one of my favorite companies with which to be involved. Not just because they gave me my first Equity contract, but because Greg, Stephanie, Lauren and the gang produce such great material in such a great way. You have to search long and hard, as an actor, to find a good job on which you will have this much fun and education.  I always learn so much when I work here (this is my fifth show, just like Gaf.), and I find great cabaret songs that I'm certain to use later!

[Ed. Note: I agree...that is a great benefit from working/attending 42nd St Moon songs if you're a find these awesome songs that also happen to be little-known gems.]

"On this show in particular, I am, once again, realizing the value of my total career experience so far (and I'm only 32 years old ...anyone buying that number?) while having the time of my life, and earning union health and pension weeks! Kudos to the company, and its supporters, for the company's continued development (and my continued involvment :)

I also feel just a pinch of guilt with this show.  I am having sooooo much fun, I should be paying them ten dollars a week!!

[Ed. Note: Aw, Brian, why'd ya have to go and tell them that! And here we try to make sure people know we suffer for our art!]

"Darlene and her 'boys' are killing me they're so funny (and I mean every run through). Every single character in the production - lead and supporting - is so well developed (kudos to my castmates) that an audience member has to see this show twice so that he/she doesn't miss anything. Being a great director, Greg has broken down the Mark Bros. "schtick" (esp. the rehearsal when we first moved into the theatre) to the point that one has no choice but see this show at least twice to catch everything.  Having the 'boys' he has certainly must help. These guys are a hoot!  Tonight I started to laugh on stage at some of their antics (oops, Greg might read this).

[Ed. Note: wow, Brian is pretty good at pushing ticket sales, huh? Don't forget you can get 20% off by using the code/phone number found here. (Couldn't let him be the only one getting in a plug for the show, now could I?]

"As for me personally, I couldn't ask for a better job! I get to have so much fun - while at the same time doing my work.  I get to play two totally different people - and boy are they 'different' - in three scenes. Any actor would jump at the chance.  To have this much fun with an acting challenge...who could ask for anything more?"

I believe one can only describe Brian's enthusiasm as infectious! I can't wait to meet this guy on Sunday!

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