Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Meet the Moonie: Austin Ku

Austin, playing Angelo the Tailor in The Boys from Syracuse, is making his fifth appearance on the Moon stage (including last year's gala.)

I actually first saw Austin perform this winter at Foothill Music Theatre, playing Anthony Hope in Sweeney Todd. He certainly got to show off his pleasing tenor in that role...which is very vocally demanding.

I asked Austin why he keeps on coming back to the Moon stage, and the answer was pretty simple:

"I'm happy to come back any time Greg and Stephanie let me,  because I know that I will have a great experience personally as well as professionally.  I know that in a Moon show everyone will not only be talented but also be easy and fun to work with.  With Moon casts being so small and with such a short rehearsal time, we spend a lot of time together and
because everyone is so great we always get along and become a family.

(And Austin is lining up to collect $5 bills from the rest of the cast right about now!)

I only can take his reason seriously because I know I kept coming back and doing shows, no matter the size of role because a) I knew the shows would be different and good b) I knew I'd like the people and c) never underestimate the appeal of that short rehearsal schedule!

When I asked Austin his favorite moment (so far) in the show, this is what he came up with:

"It's the reprise of "Falling in Love with Love," sung by all the ladies.  The choreography for the number is so charmingly
tongue-in-cheek, and the women in the cast have such lovely voices--the number just works perfectly.

More $5 bills for Austin.

Oh, and like everyone else these days...Austin too has a web site

Check it out and get to know Austin even better :)

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