Friday, April 01, 2005

Lea DeLaria's new album hits the jazz charts

According to, Lea's new album, Double Standards, hits the jazz charts at #9. Debuting in the top 10, pretty cool.

I love the concept, which is pop and rock songs done in the jazz idiom. The song choice is intriguing, from Jane's Addictions Been Caught Stealing to Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun.

Back when I lived in NYC I started doing my own cabaret act...doing your own thing is about the only way you can control your destiny as an artist. My "farewell" act that I performed at Don't Tell Mama's the month before I moved back to California was called "Pop Goes Elisa." I still think it's a cute name, I don't care how much anyone snickers! Anyway, I kind of went for the same thing...although I didn't really re-interpret them as jazz songs. I just found songs that worked in that setting in a fairly straightforward manner.

Lea is definitely going farther afield than I did...I mean I did do one of Cheap Trick's ballads, but Lea's heading into grunge and punk territory covering Soundgarden and Green Day!

Anyway, congratulations to Lea, and if you're interested in the album:

I'm downloading it from iTunes as I blog. Here's the URL for you to listen to some 30-second clips from iTunes too. You can download the whole album for $9.99 at iTunes.

You can also listen to some clips and buy Double Standards on for $13.99.

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