Monday, April 25, 2005

Inside report from traditional Board run-thru

Each show the board of 42nd St. Moon Board gets to see a run-thru of the show and then sponsors a dinner for the cast.

A little birdie (or 42nd St. Moon staff member, as the case may be) gives this report:

"So, we're getting close to our first preview of The Boys from Syracuse and had our traditional Board-sponsored dinner for the cast followed by a run-through of the show. Dinner was some delicious salads, roasted veggies, baked chicken with mushrooms and some dessert (strawberries and assorted cookies/brownies). It was YUMMY!!

Theatregoers are in for a comical treat with this Rodgers and Hart show - not to mention some of the most enduring songs in the American songbook such as "Falling In Love with Love", "This Can't Be Love", and "Sing for Your Supper."

Some funny moments and some great singing, too - don't miss it!

Personally I'd go for dinner after the run-thru, wouldn't you? I usually don't even eat for a couple of hours before a performance...don't want to run the risk of something disagreeing with me, or of feeling bloated in my costume.

But all props to them for making sure there was plenty for the vegetarians!

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