Thursday, April 28, 2005

Guest Blog Review: Michael Austin reviews "Syracuse"

Well, you blog readers know that Moonie Michael Austin likes to write (and does an admirable job.) He saw the first Syracuse preview last night and shared his review with me:

"A party of around 10 represented the "Minnie's Boys" cast last night at the first preview of "Boys from Syracuse." It was a great time for all, and all cast members were flattered to be recognized by so many sweet regular patrons in the audience, commenting "not performing tonight?" or "so they gave you a break?" It was also easy to recognize us in the house; though we made up only a small percentage of the nearly-full house, we were easily 50 percent of audience reactions, laughing
uproariously and cheering wildly, especially for "Minnie's' vets Anil and Kalon.

If I had to narrow it down to your famous "5 best things," I guess I'd say:

1. Harmony: The cast nails every challenging harmony in the show. Musical Director Dave Dubrosky has done it again. Whether it's a chorus number with everyone, or a duet or trio, wherever the many harmonies appear in this score full of winning songs, they always sound chillingly on.

2. Choreography: The entire cast also does well with the choreography from Jayne Zaban. She makes everyone look by
turns graceful, hilarious and sexy. The chorus numbers especially are a treat.

3. Alex Kaprielian's "O Diogenes": I don't know who Diogenes is or was, but Alex's big 11 o'clock show stopper made me want to. Seriously, she looks beautiful and acts her character well the whole show, but when she busts out that beautiful voice and lets her personality and charm out in her big number, that number alone makes the show worthwhile, even with all its many attributes.

4. Anil's hilarious character choices: Anil Margsahayam (last seen as Chico (Leo) Marx in MB) has 3 characters to play, in addition to being in the chorus. Each one is unique and fully developed, not to mention fall-out-your-seat hilarious. From his high-strung businessman to his bloodthirsty corporal to his hunchbacked and desperate Sorcerer, you wish his parts were much, much bigger. But he makes his every moment so memorable it seems like they are. Truly a performance after my own

5. The Dromios: Ok, so they don't actually look that much alike...but when they're as good as they are, who cares? Both Ron Lytle and Kalon Thibodeaux truly make the most of every moment and line they have, turning some pretty old jokes to gold, and making challenging timing and physical humor look easy. Most impressively, they really seem to channel each others' characters' personalities, so that whether or not they physically look alike, they really do seem like brothers.

Good songs, fun show.

Thanks Michael.

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