Saturday, March 05, 2005

Shameless Plug: appearing on stage!

Five years ago when Stephen Sondheim turned 70, the NY Times published a now-famous list of songs that Sondheim wished he had written.

Now, on the occasion of Sondheim 75th birthday, I'll be appearing in a cabaret evening that culls its material from that very list.

I haven't performed publicly in ...oh, at least a year, so this will be a ton of fun for me.

And it should be a really enjoyable evening. There are 12 performers, all but a couple of whom i performed with or certainly heard sing before...very talented bunch.

If you care to make ti down to San Jose to see a great evening of song, more details are here.

One bummer: the two shows are the same two nights as the previews for Minnie's Boys, so none of that crowd will even be able to consider coming :(

But maybe some of my faithful blog readers can come watch us celebrate Sondheim onnight, and then see Minnie's Boys open the next!

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