Saturday, March 26, 2005

Poor "Charity", poor Charlotte

I've been meaning to post a link to this story about Charlotte D'Amboise and the pre-Broadway Sweet Charity run.

I've seen D'Amboise in a couple of things, most notably Song & Dance and Jerome Robbins' Brodway, and my assessment of her way back then was great that was about it. Since then she has gone on to take over leading female roles that required a bit more from her than her fabulous dancing...and apparently she has done well in those roles. Suzy over at BlogwayBaby certainly seemed to have liked her in Damn Yankess.

The article focuses on D'Amboise and the fact that this is the first Broadway show she was going to open since Jerome Robbins...and that in a way it was her big break...finally.

Well, it is not to b e.

Poor reviews in Boston and poor advance ticket sales have shut the show down before it even opened on Broadway.

Bummer for all concerned, I'm sure.

BTW: I had no idea D'Amboise was married to actor Terrence Mann. That certainly is a power Broadway couple.

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