Tuesday, March 22, 2005

More on Bobby Short from an unlikely source

I read a ton of blogs, some to do with the arts, some with politics, some with business and marketing, and some that are pretty technical.

I regularly read the blog of my friend Mary, who is the very definition of a wired girl, geek girl...whatever your preferred term. She usually writes about technology...focusing on usability and user interface, and on digital rights management and content distribution in this digital age. She is all abot the digital....her life is in her laptop, which is always with her, as is her mobile device.

And, as it turns out, she is a Bobby Short fan.

Read her lovely, brief obit on Bobby, and you understand a bit why theatres like 42nd St. Moon are thriving today, and why they are hardly only for the people who might be closer to remembering the era of those classic musicals.

As Mary says: "...it was really fun to touch a rare world that represented great old style, and his singing and engagement with the audience was very elegant, and yet personal, and casual at the same time..."

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