Friday, March 25, 2005

"Minnie's Boys": Plagued by plague?

I was wondering why I hadn't heard from my usual blog correspondent Michael Austin much on this show, and it turns out there are some pretty good reasons. Finally he clued me in:

"I've tried to maintain my children's theatre job with The Theatre of All Possibilities during the rehearsal of this show, which involves rising at ungodly hours of the morning to be in schools from Carmel to Napa Valley by 7am to teach and perform educational theatre for kids.I like the job, and children's theatre seems to pay better than regular theatre, but when one doesn't get out of rehearsal until 10, then has to get up at 5 and yell in a gym until noon, that's precious little rest for one's voice. Not to mention the fact that of course there are a lot of germs floating around schools and theatres--I fell
sick nearly two weeks ago and can't shake it, and only hope I'm not to blame for the cold epidemic claiming the whole "Minnie's Boys" cast one by one, including our director, who was out for two days! This is unheard of for Greg, with all his dedication and professionalism, so I knew he must've been really badly off! Thankfully, our stage manager, Laura Lutz, along with our intrepid accompanist Dave Dubrosky, managed to help us make our rehearsal time productive while Greg was

Oh, and then Michael tells me a "Small World" story. I love such stories. I keep a running tally of the Small World incidents in my life here.

Here's Michael's:

"Incidentally, a funny story about Laura Lutz, if you haven't heard this one yet: I was at my college roomie's wedding in Red Lodge, MT last year, when I met this nice woman who wanted to take my picture (because I was wearing my seersucker suit, which my friend Alex tells me makes me look like the Easter Bunny, but I digress...). We got to talking, and she asked what I did, and I told her I was an actor, and I did a lot of shows at this company that revived old musicals in concert productions. She proceeded to tell me she was a stage manager who had just moved to the Bay Area, and had worked for a similar company in her former home of Seattle, WA. I told her I'd be happy to pass on her information to Greg, and he interviewed her for "Once Upon A Mattress." Scheduling did not work out there, but happily, here she is, stage managing "Minnnie's Boys," and doing a fantastic job. She definitely has the all-important perfect balance of strict professionalism and friendly understanding and patience which is necessary in the position."

Because you know, there are just so many people out there who have worked at companies that focus on reviving classic musicals in concert!

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