Monday, March 21, 2005

Meet our Minnie: Darlene Popovic

I was trying to remember why I knew who Darlene was. It's true she's been in two previous 42nd St. Moon productions, Out of this World and Leave it to Me, but I hadn't seen those. And Darlene has one of those bios that so packed full, that she just ends up listing theatres she worked at instead of individual shows.

So I was doing a little Google-stalking. Well, no, it's not really stalking since it's to do publicity for the show. But I think I like the term. I'm not sure I've ever heard it before. I know I didn't make up the term "ego-surfing" (when you Google yourself to find out how many hits you have.) But can we say I made up the term "Google-stalking"?

You know it really helps when Google-stalking if you've dated people with very unique names. In fact someone out there Google-stalked a 42nd St. Moon actress and found her mentioned on this blog and emailed me asking me to give her his contact info. Which I did. But that's a whole other story.

But I digress. Back to Darlene.

So by Google-stalking I discovered that Darlene was in a show I saw at TheatreWorks' years ago, Another Midsummer Night. Her part was really fun because she played Nicky Paton, a performance artist who mostly shows up in multimedia images on TV screens. I'd be lying if I said I had total recall of the show, but I do remember her face on those screens...and the wacky hilarity that ensued :) I wish I'd been writing my Personal Blog back then, because then we could dig up a review! The onyl one I could dig up online was this one from the Los Altos Town Crier!

In any case, you can see, if I dig into any Bay Area performer's bio deep enough I will find something I've seen them in.

BTW: Darlene also has a CD, Love and Laughter for sale. You'll be able to get it in the lobby.

So, now you know a bit about Minnie from Minnie's Boys, Darlene Popovic.

Hi - I would like to reach Darlene P. Darlene was a long time member of Sweet Adeline Chorus Mission Valley in Palo Alto area many years ago. We have some special things coming up and I'd like her to know about them!

Opal McAllister
(former member of Cabrillo del Mar Chorus in Santa Cruz)
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