Thursday, March 24, 2005

Meet a Newbie Moonie: Christa Boggs

This is Christa's first show with 42nd St. Moon. Although a native Californian (like rare is that anymore?) she spent a few years in NYC studying at AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy) before coming back and completing her BA in Theatre last year. Christa is playing Mrs. Flanagan and other female rolse in the Minnie's Boys ensemble.

When I asked Christa what her favorite Minnie's Boys moment was so far, she gave an answer that perfectly articulates why the theatre is a unique medium:

"Every night I find a favorite moment - the cool thing about live theatre is that no matter how much you rehearse something, it doesn't mean that is how it will always happen. It seems like even though you hear the same lines every night, a different one will catch your ear every time!"

I have to admit I'm a big believer in consistency, especially when you're playing off someone else. I have worked with actors who thought doing wildly different things each performance...from altering the blocking to completely altering their emotional approach to a line...would keep it fresh and keep everyone "in the moment." To that I say 'Hogwash.' I personally think that is totally rude.

BUT...Christa's point is very well taken that live theatre has many layers to it...I don't think the human brain can really take in every layer, every gesture, every vocal nuance, every facial expression, every movement, every sound all at once. So every night it might be a different layer that stands out to you, and that does keep it fresh.

Christa's secret word for the day is one with which I'm well-familiar in my other life, writing a political blog:


Unlike Amy, who gave no definition for her word, "schmendrick", Christa kindly provides a definition:

Filibuster: (n) long speeches to delay a legislative vote

Very educational!

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