Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Meet Moonie: Michael Patrick Gaffney

Perhaps getting jealous that I'm always praising Michael Austin as a regular blog contributor, another Michael, Michael Patrick Gaffney, has gotten in on the act. You've already seen him this season in Hooray For What. And he has this to say about Minnie's Boys:

"I can't believe this is my 5th Moon show!!  How did that happen?  I'm like a bad rash that won't go away. There was something wonderful and exciting about my first show, Finian's Rainbow because of the short rehearsal time (a week of intense rehearsals and six performances at the Alcazar, with a seven piece orchestra) and the beautiful score, and of course my deep Irish roots, but Minnie's Boys has been my favorite journey so far.  I think is because it's about show people, but more importantly it's about the struggles of show people.  It's also about family, relationships within a family. 

It is truly a stellar ensemble, led by the amazing Darlene Popovic. It has been wonderful to watch Greg and the [Marx Brothers] Boys work and work and re-work the comedy bits. Truly funny stuff. Very specific. There is a great camaraderie building amongst the boys.  I must admit I'm a little jealous...ah to be 15 years younger! Anyway, Saturday night we will give birth to this new, old show and I hope everyone will join us.

Well, I'm going Sunday, but I am very interested to see the younger versions of the Marx Brothers. The plus is really that the actors aren't having to play caricatures of the Marx Brothers. Since this is set when they were quite young, in the time before they got really famous...they're playing the Marx brothers we never really knew.

And we're going to learn a bit about their family members, (like the one Michael plays) and how they helped them get into show business. I just imagine they sprung full-blown with cigar and secret word onto the scene. Not so.

I wonder if this is the same Michael Patrick Gaffney my brother John Quinlan and I hung around with in the 60s in the Washington, D.C. area. Mike married Bonnie; they bought a house in Rockville, MD; and had a son who is my godson. Can you help me?


Bill Quinlan
Lake Wales, FL
I checked, and this is not the same Michael Patrick Gaffney. Sorry.
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