Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Meet Moonie: Amy Cole

Amy and I share something she is likely unaware of. Back when 42nd St. Moon first did I Married an Angel, a lovely show by Rodgers & Hart, I played Anna, the hotsy totsy American gold-digger. Some years later (I honestly don't know how many, OK?) when they did the show the second time, Amy played the same role. Amy has been doing shows at 42nd St. Moon since 1998, which coincidentally is the last year I did a show with 42nd St. moon, so we never overlapped. In Minnie's Boys Amy is not only playing multiple female characters, she's the co-costumer for the show. So, she gets to see the show from both sides of the stage.

Recently I asked the cast some questions about the show, at least so far, and here's what Amy had to tell me:

Amy's favorite "Minnie's Boys" moment is a classic. No picking the warm, touching ballad, "Mama, a Rainbow" for Amy:

"When Minnie sings "You Don't Have to Do It For Me"...the song is written as a passive agressive guilt machine..I swear I have heard my mother say the same things.  In addition, Darlene Popovic nails the sentiment of the's truly spot-on and hilarious!"

Since Amy is also also doing the costumes for the show, she had to do a lot of research.  Which brought up an interesting dilemma:

"Their early movies (closest to when the play takes place) are in balck and white, so it's interesting to rebuild what color a coat or suit might have been."

Being in the Marx Brothers mood, I asked Amy what Secret Word she would choose if she could. She chose a classic, an oldie but goodie, a never-grow-tired-of:


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