Sunday, March 06, 2005

A couple of Sunday Times theatre articles worth reading

When I lived in New York I bought the paper every day and read it during my subway trip into the City. (I lived in Astoria, the starving young actresses haven.) ON those weekday trips I went for one of the less serious papers...the News or Newsday (never the Post...I never sunk that low.)

But on Sundays...well, that was the day I walked to the nearest corner and bought the Sunday New York Times. I pretty much focused on a few sections: the Magazine, the Arts & Leisure section, the Sports section (big Mets fan) and the coupons!

I still read the Times online, but it's not quite the same to sit with a cup of coffee at your computer as it is to sit on the couch or your bed with the paper spread out around you. Your two cats hanging out, swatting at the paper, some Sunday brunch music playing...maybe Basia (it was the 80s)...and if you were particularly lucky it was your boyfriend who had picked up the paper...along with bagels...while you still were in your PJs.

Sigh. It sounds pretty romantic when I put it that way...I'm leaving out the fact that the garbage trucks woke you at 5am as they drove down your street...and that if it was winter your radiator was pumping out way too much heat...heat that you couldn't control. And if it was summer you'd have to periodically hose down the cats to prevent them from getting heat stroke.

But I digress.

Two articles worth reading in today's online version of the Sunday Times:

1. A delightful interview with David Hyde-Pierce, about to open in Spamalot.

2. A brief description of a mash-up I'd love to see: A production of "MIdsummer Night's Dream" starring Campbell Scott (dreamy) and Hope Davis (completely underrated) and featuring the use of Mendelssohn's incidental music written for that play. Actually when I was but a Jr. in high school, some 25 years ago, the now-defunct California Actors Theatre collaborated with the also now-defunct San Jose Symphony to do this very thing at the the CPA downtown. They had our Treble Ensemble sing the fairy choruses that occur at several instances during the play. I have loved Mendelssohn's MIdsummer suite ever since and would love to be able to see this current production at Avery Fisher Hall.

Hmmm. Spamalot running, A Midsummer/Mendelssohn Mash-up and a 12-hour Sondheim Celebration featuring all of your favorites.

There's never been a better time to jet off to NYC for a weekend, specifically the weekend of the 19th. Anyone with me?

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