Friday, February 18, 2005

Some Spring Show Casting Info

Thought you might want to get a glimpse at the cast lists for the two spring shows, Minnie's Boys and The Boys from Syracuse:

On Minnie’s Boys, Greg is the director, Dave Dobrusky is musical director and Tom Segal is choreographer.

The Cast:
MINNIE MARX                     Darlene Popovic
JULIE (Groucho)                  Michael Austin
LEONARD (Chico)               Anil Margsahayam
HERBIE  (Zeppo)                 Douglas Giorgis
ADOLPH (Harpo)                Kalon Thibodeaux
AL SHEAN                          David Curley
MAXIE /E.F. ALBEE             Brian Yates Sharber
MRS. McNISH                     Chris Macomber
MRS. KRUPNICK                Amy Cole
MRS. FLANAGAN               Christa Boggs

From Greg: Two roles are still not cast.   David Curley’s role, Al Shean the vaudeville star of the team Gallagher and Shean, is the Marx Bros. uncle (who knew?)  Maxie, one of Brian Yates Sharber’s two roles, is a female impersonator whose act is ruined by the brothers in their first foray into vaudeville.  Later, Brian plays E.F. Albee, the famous vaudeville impresario (and father to Edward Albee.)

From me: Wow, from vaudeville to absurdist theatre...that's quite a leap the Albee family made in just one generation!

On Boys From Syracuse,  Dennis Lickteig is the director, Dave D again is musical director, and Jayne Zaban is the choreographer.  

The Cast:
ANTIPHOLUS  OF SYRACUSE             John Patrick Moore          
ANTIPHOLUS OF EPHESUS           William Giammona
DROMIO OF SYRACUSE                 Michael Austin        
DROMIO OF EPHESUS                    Ron Lytle                           
ADRIANA                                        Stephanie Rhoads                       
LUCE                                              Katie Dederian       
POLICE SERGEANT                     Curt Denham        
AEGEAN                                         Mike Figueira                     
LUCIANA                                        Tielle Baker              
COURTESAN                                   Alexandra Kaprielian     
SEERESS/LADY OF EVENING            Nancy Dobbs Owen
DUKE OF EPHESUS                          Timothy Kuster       
SORCERER                                      Anil Margsahayam        
ANGELO                                          Austin Ku
LADY OF EVENING                           Brandy Collazo       

That's a big cast, and they're still missing one Lady of the Evening! Here's a little trivia: I played Adriana at Foothill Music Theatre fourteen years ago...sigh...when I was but a toddler! Seriously.

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