Thursday, February 17, 2005

So here's a big 2005/2006 Season Announcement

I can now reveal one of the reasons this upcoming season planning was thrown into a bit of disarray.

Sometime close to when Greg and Stephanie thought they had settled on a season, they were approached by the Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization about doing an Irving Berlin show to coincide with the arrival of a huge Irving Berlin exhibit at the San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum.

The lavish exhibit will be in residence at PALM for six moths and marks the publication of a new art book on Berlin's career. After its stay at the PALm the exhibit will make its way to the venerable NY Public Library!

So, of course 42nd St. was pleased and honored to be asked to participate in the Irving Berlin city-wide celebration.

We will be producing Berlin's follow-up to "Annie Get Your Gun", "Miss Liberty."

According to Greg: "the score is utterly charming, with some gorgeous vocal arrangements."

So let's recap what we know about Season 2005/2006:

September/October: opening with Red, Hot & Blue, starring Klea Blackhurst.

October/November: Miss Liberty

November/December: I can't tell you yet, but it's going to be a marked departure from 42nd St. Moon's usual fare!

March/April 2006: The Golden Apple

April/May: Can't tell you this one either. We're still hung up waiting for rights, and it's got everyone on tenterhooks, since this is the number one 42nd St. Moon audience-requested show .

Stay tuned!

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