Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Must share: A Broadway Blog!

Thanks to BoingBoing I just found a blog, cleverly entitled Blogway Baby. This blog near as I can tell is just one woman's love affair with theatre and Broadway in particular. So far, must say I love it.

Current posts include a peek at Encores! 2006 season, so there even something 42nd St. Moon-relevant there.

Check it out!

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This Sunday, the fabled real-life vaudeville trunk of GYPSY ROSE LEE (and her sister, Baby June) will be auctioned at Bonhams and Butterfields in Los Angeles. The trunk held costumes, etc. for Mama Rose as she pushed Baby June and her Newsboys across the Orpheum Circuit in a story which became the Sondheim/Stein/Laurents legend: GYPSY. Included in the lot are photographs of Baby Louise as a newsboy in an act that included the real-life Chowsy. (Yes! There really was a Chowsy.) For a link to the auction catalogue:

Thanks for the link to Blogway Baby! I always like finding new blogs!
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