Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Groucho Marx on "Minnie's Boys"

Back in 1970 Roger Ebert interviewed Groucho Marx in advance of the Broadway Opening of Minnie's Boys. Marx does sound a bit like the world-weary comedian...with flashes of wit and doses of ennui. I wonder if this is what Robin Williams will sound like when he's 74 or so?

Read the entire interview here.

He talks about the show, but he also comments on modern comedy and movies...and doesn't seem filled with admiration or respect for either!

A few excerpts:

How do you feel about Shelley Winters playing Minnie?

A wicked grin. "I've never felt about Shelley Winters. I'd LIKE to some time. Never got the opportunity . . ."

Does "Minnie's Boys" more or less follow real life?

"More," he said. "It's an interesting story. At least, it's interesting to me. My father was a tailor and a very bad one. His contribution to the sartorial world was about as large as his contribution to the Marx Brothers. We got into show business because our mother's brother was Al Shean, of Gallagher and Shean, and he was pulling down $150 a week. Mother knew a good thing when she saw one."

"The Marx Brothers pictures were pretty simple, they had rudimentary plots. But that 'Midnight Cowboy' . . . I went to see it and you know what it's about? It's about a stud and a pimp, that's what it's about. I'll take the Marx Brothers pictures any day of the week. I HATED that movie. Those were DETESTABLE characters."

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