Friday, February 11, 2005

2005/2006 Season Update

So you may have been wondering where that promised Season Announcement is...well it's still held up in rights acquisition.

No, unfortunately you cannot wave a magic wand and say I want to do this show and that show. There are pesky things called rights. And the holding company will occasionally reject your request. Sometimes it is simply because they feel the show has been done a little too often, especially in your same space, in recent years.

And that happened to us with one of our choices. It's been done in concert version already in the not-too-distant past, and our request got turned down flat. I wonder if the rights holders get concerned that people will see a show as only appropriate for concert productions if there are a few such productions close to one another?

Anyway, it's disappointing, and now we're scrambling to replace it with another option.

Not only that, but we are still waiting for a response from one of the other shows.

Meanwhile the season brochure is on hold waiting for this info...sigh.

[I just want to see the brochure because Greg told me they included a nice big blurb about the 42nd St. Moon web site and this blog in it!]

So, next week?

Yes, we hope to have it finalized by next week...heard that one before haven't you?

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