Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Winner of Busiest Moonie, drum roll please!

I mentioned Moonie Michael Austin in my last post, and faithful blog reader that he is, he emailed me right away to give me an update.

First of all, Michael is in both Minnie's Boys and Boys from Syracuse! And he vows to happily provide me tidbits or answer questions for me any time.

But, here, let's hear it in his own words:

"I'm super-excited about portraying Groucho Marx and Dromio of Syracuse, though there's going to be some wicked overlap between shows of "Minnie's" and rehearsals for "Syracuse". In any case, it's not often that a character player like myself gets two such awesome and sizeable roles thrown his way at a musical company, and I plan to relish them!"

Hmmm, "wicked"? Michael: are you an East Coaster by upbringing? We said "wicked" when I lived in Massachusetts as a kid, but never hear people say it here in California much.

But wait, that's not all. So, what have we got so far? Michael is in "Minnie's" which runs from 3/30-4/17 and in :Syracuse", which runs from 4/27-5/22. OK, 10 days gap between the end of one and the start of the other. That's pretty tight, I definitely agree.

But he's not just lolling about until "Minnie's" starts, no. No, not Michael (because he is crazy I think!)

He is also currently rehearsing yet another show, getting ready to open "The Rainmaker" at CCT in San Leandro from 1/26 through 2/20.

Michael is playing Jimmy, the very-sweet-but-somewhat-slow-on-the-uptake younger brother in the Curry family. It's funny; Greg [MacKellan] actually played the same part in the musical version of the play ("110 in the Shade") when he was younger!

[Incidentally, there is a free preview at 8pm tomorrow night (Wed. 1/26) for which no reservations are required, if any blog readers and Moon fans are interested.]

So, the way I figure it Michael will be either in rehearsal or performance every week for the entire first 5 months of the year. Can anyone out there beat that?

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