Monday, January 24, 2005

Potential for scoop during "Syracuse" improves!

You may wonder how I get some of the stories for my blog...the ones about things that happen in rehearsals, or during performances (or even after performances.) Sometimes I'm there, but usually I get fed info from those in the know.

It's always good when I know someone in one of the shows very well...then I can bug them regularly for scoop on rehearsals etc. (It also helps if Moonie Michael Austin is in a show because he loves to write.) :)

Greg is so very good about giving me stuff for the blog, but it's always nice to get perspectives from different positions around the theatre...backstage, on stage etc.

I discovered yesterday that there is someone on the production staff and one of the principals in "Boys from Syracuse" that are the kind of friends that I can bug. I gave them fair warning yesterday, so I'm sure they will be cooperative...and talkative.

I'm looking forward to lots of inside scoop.

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